Astrology Spell Candle Box- Pisces
Astrology Spell Candle Box- Pisces
Astrology Spell Candle Box- Pisces
Astrology Spell Candle Box- Pisces
Astrology Spell Candle Box- Pisces
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Astrology Spell Candle Box- Pisces

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*Please note that this Pisces box will be the last of the spell candle boxes. Thank you to everyone for your support!

The chosen herbs for this Pisces season are Mugwort, Kelp Powder, Burdock Root, Blue Cornflower Petals, plus tiny amethyst crystals.

Each month, when the sun moves into the next constellation above, be prepared with a spell candle and ritual to make the most of the time we spend in that sign. These candles will connect you to the energy of each sign. Whether it's digging deeper within or manifesting your next big move, allow these to help in your journey to align with your highest self for that month. 

Candle magic is all about intention. I have begun to make our spell candles in-house from local Austin beeswax. In that process, I add oils and an herb blend that I create with the manifestation and each zodiac sign in mind. Once you receive your candle, follow the proposed ritual as much or as little as you choose. Just make sure that you have added your own, more specific, intent as you light the candle. 

Each box contains:

-Laminated information card about that month's zodiac sign

-One 6" tall beeswax spell candle infused with oil and herbs, specific for each zodiac sign

-One tin, filled with herbs specific for the zodiac sign at hand. 

-On gorgeous paper, reminiscent of a true grimoire

        -Instructions and recommendation
        -1 spell/ritual to do as you light your candle
        -Journal prompts for you to work on as your candle is lit



~Save $1 off each box by subscribing~

Subscription boxes will ship out the second week of each month. 

You can light your candle on the new moon or any time throughout the astrological month. 

Price is per box. If you sign up for a subscription, you are automatically charged the above amount each month before the box is shipped.


If you prefer no extra stickers or markings on the outside of your box, please let us know in the notes section at checkout. It will still say who it is shipping from, but mum's the word on the magic inside 


*Candle boxes cannot be returned for a refund


Subscription can be canceled any time before your next box ships. Read our FAQs for instructions on how to cancel.