Cosmic Bloom Bath Salts
Crystal Bar Soap

Cosmic Bloom Bath Salts

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Your bathtub can be a magical place to create rituals and spells in your space. This crystal-infused bath salt will help release, heal, and awaken.

This vegan soak is here to help heal your heart and channel the energy of love to yourself and open you to receive love from others.

Experience a sense of love and healing as the energy of raw rose quartz infuses your water. Rose quartz works to ease guilt, balance emotions, reduce stress, and bring optimistic self-affirmations. It allows one to release negativity and open their heart to the world. It helps one see the value in themselves and their worthiness of self-love and in return, allows love from others to gravitate toward them. It promotes higher self-esteem and increases self-care rituals.


Made in the United States of America