Disco Ball Grinder
Disco Ball Grinder
Disco Ball Grinder
Canna Style

Disco Ball Grinder

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Whether you love a dope vibe, are a Swiftie, or a disco queen, this is an adorable grinder.

This grinder is made from molded plastic with a shiny silver exterior, giving you the most realistic disco-ball look without using actual mirrors that could chip or cut your skin

This is a 3-piece grinder; you will have to remove the 2nd layer & turn it over to tap out your herbs 

1st Layer: Top safety magnetic closure 

2nd Layer: Sharp grinder teeth for effortless grinding & steel mesh screen that filters very fine kief into the bottom catcher 

3rd Layer: Pollen/Keif catcher with plastic spatula 

Interior grinder is made from durable aluminum, plastic exterior

Total size 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches, Interior grinder 2 inches wide 

Intended for tobacco use 

🚫💧DO WASH OUTSIDE OR BOIL 💧🚫 clean inside only with Q-tip & soap