Heart Opening Spell Kit
Heart Opening Spell Kit
Heart Opening Spell Kit
The Mystics Club

Heart Opening Spell Kit

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A spell kit to help open your heart to more love, forgiveness, and joy. With special oils and herbs carefully chosen for this spell, this candle has been made with loving intention by us, for you.

What's included:

-Spell and journaling prompts

-Pink chime candle, carefully rolled in oils and herbs

-Chime Candle Holder 

-Tumbled Rose Quartz-The "it" stone for self-love and forgiveness. Open that heart chakra!

-Clear Quartz- The ultimate stone absorb any negative energy that may be near. Known as the "master healer," clear quartz will help bring more clarity and harmony to you. *Will also amplify the energy of crystals around it.

-The Mystics Club Matches


The stones are included to set next to your candle or hold during meditation. However you choose to use them, they are happy to help!

*color, size, and shape of stones vary as they are natural treasures.