High Priestess and Smoke Spells Spray
Modern Makers

High Priestess and Smoke Spells Spray

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High Priestess + Smoke Spells is a warm and magical scent with notes of Indian spice + clove + smoked vetiver + incantations + sandalwood + vermouth.

This limited-release scent from Modern Makers gives vibes of a smokey cauldron brewing up incantations -- using enticing spices -- sweet, smokey + complex!

 *8 oz

* Amber glass bottle with fine mist sprayer

* Eliminates odors while leaving a great scent behind! 

To use: spray 3 or 4 pumps to freshen up any space + spray things like pillows, curtains, closets/drawers, pet bedding, or use in the car!

* Larger rooms/areas use 4-5 pumps as a room spray to transform any space. 

* Keep out of reach of children + pets.

* If settling occurs - it's normal - just give a little shake.

* Do a quick patch test on any fabric - just to be safe!

Ingredients: distilled water, isopropyl alcohol, surfactant, fragrance. (8.5 oz)

Made in the United States