Live By the Moon Zodiac Deck
Live By the Moon Zodiac Deck
Live By the Moon Zodiac Deck
Live By the Moon Zodiac Deck
Live By the Moon Zodiac Deck
Live By the Moon Zodiac Deck
Live By the Moon Zodiac Deck
The Quirky Cup Collective

Live By the Moon Zodiac Deck

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This is not your typical deck! This zodiac deck is made from soft-touch matte paper with purple edging. The cards themselves have gold foil detail and they are absolutely stunning. They are meant to be used a bit differently than traditional cards. The creator suggests using two cards simultaneously as a unique moon calendar. The first card should be the current phase of the moon and the second, the current astrological sign. As the moon and signs shift, you change out the cards! This use suggestion will really help you become more in tune, learn more about astrology, and notice how you feel a shift within the different cycles. But of course, feel free to use how you feel led in your practice!

There are 20 cards with one guide card included. These cards bring you a gorgeous way to learn more about astrology.   

From the Creator:

A simple and spellbinding deck created to help you live by the phases of the Moon and the 12 Zodiac Signs! From the Quirky Cup Collective.

The Magic Starts here my Moon Child  ✨ 

Otherworldly, spellbinding and celestial in every way, the 'Live by the Moon' deck was created for the Star Seeds, the Astrology Queens and those wishing you connect with the cosmic power of the Moon and universe. 

The 'Live by the Moon Zodiac' deck has been lovingly created to help you manifest your dreams into a reality by working with the phases of the Moon in conjunction with the Zodiac. A unique calendar system for your sacred spaces and rituals to help you memorise and track the lunar cycle and to help you learn the Zodiac basics. 

Now, this is not your traditional deck my darlings! Two cards are to be displayed simultaneously; One for the current Moon Phase that's in rotation, and the other being the Zodiac that is currently in its active cycle. Change the display as the Zodiac seasons change and as the Moon shifts. It's as simple as that! 

Each card has two unique sides. Zodiac cards have their Illustration on one side and their Zodiac information on the back, and the Moon Cards have their Moon Phase on one side and ritual information on their back. Velvet to the touch, decked to the heavens in gold foiling, with hand-drawn illustrations against a dreamy night sky, these cards will have you connecting to the universe in no time. 

The 'Live by the Moon' deck is also open to interpretation by the card-wielder. A deck that can be adopted into other types of readings if so desired, but was originally created for the simple purpose to use the cards as a unique Moon calendar. You, my dear card-wielder are free to use these cards as you wish! 


As a creator, all I've ever wanted is to create beautiful things that make people feel connected to themselves and to elevate the beauty of the world around them. I have poured nothing short of my soul into creating this charming and spellbinding deck for everyone to enjoy, and I am so incredibly excited to finally share it with you. The beauty lies in the littlest of details, and I have spared no effort when it comes to the Live by the Moon deck. A project I nearly gave up on time and time again, I couldn't be happier with this deck and the incredible support I received along the way.

Created with the utmost intention and love, I hope you also feel the magic that radiates off the cards. 


- 20 Cards + 1 Guide Card
- 12cm x 8cm
- Digital Moon Calendar accessed via QR code ( N+S Hemisphere Versions)
- Gold Foil Detailing
- Matte Purple Edges
- 400gsm Art Paper
- Soft Touch Matte Paper
- Decorative Storage Box
- 100% made with Magic & Love