New Moon Ritual Bath
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New Moon Ritual Bath

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Connect with your inner witch and goddess while you soak in this New Moon bath blend. When the new moon comes to us once a month, it opens a portal for us to begin anew. As you sit in your ritual bath, meditate on what seeds you want to plant within your life.

From Cosmic Valeria:

New Moons represent birth, a clean slate, a second chance you are given over and over again. New Moon is the very first sliver of illumination that shines the light on our true desires and goals. It is the perfect time to plant your seeds and take little steps at the time toward your goals. And before you know it, your seeds will bloom into reality.

Directions: draw a hot bath, set your intention, add 1/2 of this magical soak, relax and soak in the magic.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, black Hawaiian sea salt, jasmine flowers, magic.
8 oz