Palo Santo Mist
Palo Santo Mist
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Palo Santo Mist

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If clarity is what you’re craving, this 100% organic Palo Santo mist will clear away those cloudy thoughts. Renowned for its healing qualities, the naturally stress-reducing Palo Santo will revamp the energy in any room.

While Palo Santo is a holy wood typically burned for space cleansing, the convenience of this bottled mist is a must-have for your home.

SCENT Palo Santo

CRYSTAL INFUSION  + CITRINE +  Stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will.

Carrying the sun's power, it is warm and comforting, energizing and life-giving. Shake well to blend 

KEY BENEFITS + Spray your body or home to cleanse off negative vibes + Use as a crystal cleansing spray