Pyrite Obelisk Tower
Pyrite Obelisk Tower
Pyrite Obelisk Tower
The Mystics Club

Pyrite Obelisk Tower

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Since Pyrite resembles gold, it is sometimes known as "fool's gold." It is known as a protection stone, keeping negative vibes or energies at bay. And of course, it is a great stone for attracting wealth and abundance.

It can help with memory recall and stimulate one's intelligence. It also can assist in seeing beneath the facade. What is the truth beneath the words or actions?

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Tower Sizing:

A- 2.6 inches

B- 2.75 inches

C- 2.75 inches

D- 2.5 inches

E- 2.75 inches

F- 3 inches

G- 3.1 inches

H-3 inches

I- 3.1 inches

J- 3 inches