Rainbow Aura Quartz Tower
Rainbow Aura Quartz Tower
Rainbow Aura Quartz Tower
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Rainbow Aura Quartz Tower

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These rainbow aura quartz towers are like little happiness makers. This crystal will keep the vibes high and your insight on point. The towers will help you work through conflict and bring hope when you're feeling a bit lost and down. 

Choose which one you want to adopt by looking at the photos and picking from the drop-down menu. Don't forget to hold them to the sun and get googly-eyed over their beauty. 

Sizes are as follows in inches:

A. 2.6"

B. 2.3"

C. 2.8"

D. 2"

E. 2.5"

F. 2.25"

G. 2.5"

H. 2.4"