Spell Jar Kit- Choose Your Intention
Spell Jar Kit- Choose Your Intention
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Spell Jar Kit- Choose Your Intention

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Everything you need to make a spell jar. Whether you are calling in-

Prosperity, Good Health, Love, Less Anxiety, or Protection, we've got you covered. 

Choose your intention from the drop-down menu. Each bundle has the perfect amount of herbs and crystals to fit into your jar, and we will leave it up to you to fill. This is your spell, after all. 

You will receive:

Download our digital Spell Jar Guide (usually a separate purchase) for detailed instructions, what to do with it, and ingredients for what you need to make more.

Around 2-3 different magickal herbs and 2-3 different tiny crystals or crystal chips.  

A small funnel

A candle for wax dripping- color will match your intention

Explanation of what herbs and crystals are included


When you finish your purchase, you should receive this download within a few minutes. Please check spam before reaching out to us.