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Manifestation Offerings

This is an offering like you have never seen before.

Modeled after the Major Arcana, choose which energy you are calling in. In these programs, you will receive ways to connect more deeply with yourself, heal past wounds, untangle past knots, and open yourself to welcome in your manifestations. I believe in combining all forms of magic so we can be the best possible versions of ourselves. It's not only about spell candles or tarot readings, that's just the extra spice. The foundational ingredient if you. The combination of all is:

Alchemical Manifestation

Book a Tarot Reading

This may not be your typical reading...

Channeled through writing, these are thoughtfully typed and shared so you can refer back whenever you need the guidance. My heart and energy are open to receive any messages meant for you in that moment.

These bring me so much joy to do for clents and I am always honored when you trust me with the magick of guidance.



Eucalyptus Smoke Cleansing Bundle

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Holy Smoke Loose Botanical Incense

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Mugwort + Palo Santo Ritual Bundle

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