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The Club

  • Full Moon in Scorpio

    Scorpio is deep, mysterious, and sexual -  I think it scares the shit of out of some people, to be honest. They are intense and have this epic power to understand transmutation and transformation. They are boldly in charge of their sexuality.
  • Aries New Moon - April 11th, 2021

    We all have seeds we want to plant- A purpose in this moment that we want to master. This is your time to begin. When the darkness falls and you sink in deep with your knowing to a place within that shows you what is needed or what is missing. Listen to the whispers as you sit quietly with yourself. Give a voice to what blockages you may be feeling.
  • What's the Difference Between Tarot and Oracle Cards?

    I get asked this question a lot. And not in an influencer way of "a lot of you have been asking about my tarot routine..." For someone starting with tarot, this is a very common question. Since there are many places to learn all about the Tarot, including this book we carry, I won't go into a full explanation. Hopefully, I can just answer the question at hand without overwhelming you. 
  • Questions About Crystals?

    They each have unique energetic properties associated with them and these properties have been used by healers for a very long time. In the last decade or so, as they have started to make their way into the modern world, I'm sure you have been seeing them everywhere. But before they were sold at Urban Outfitters, their energies were the focus of many spiritual and healing practices around the world.
  • Full Moon in Leo- January 28 2021

    This full moon will take place in Leo, occuring at 2:16 pm EST. Leo is a sign of courage and heart. It asks us to shine the light everywhere, including on ourselves. 
  • The Mystics Club Blog - The Start of Something New

    This business, The Mystics Club and The Mini Mystics Club, was always meant to be just that, a club. A community of like minded people supporting one another and sharing. Hopefully this is the beginning of something great for all of us.