Tarot Card Readings

Hi There! 
We have three options available for card readings, but due to limitations on our website, we must collect payment through venmo or paypal.
If you are interested in any of the below readings, please reach out directly to Mandy, the head mystic in charge and our in-house tarot reader.
To schedule - hello@themysticsclub.com
All readings will be delivered to your email address within 48 hours of purchase. You will receive a 1-4 page reading, depending on which of the below you choose.

Choose From:

A 3 Card Reading - $30

A 5 Card Reading- $40

An 11 Card Reading- $75

The Mystics Club Special - an 11 card pull from Mystics Club owner, Mandy. This reading is much more in-depth and uses both Tarot and Oracle cards.

 If you feel more comfortable using a platform to purchase, we very recently listed on Etsy, for this purpose. 

Our Etsy Page

These readings can be open or, based on a specific question or topic, bringing more light to a situation on your current or past path.

 I try to offer more guidance through the card readings than I do predictions.