A Little Bit of Auras Book
A Little Bit of Auras Book
A Little Bit of Auras Book
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A Little Bit of Auras Book

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What even auras?! TA-DA! This little book is a perfect introduction.

 If you're interested in learning about auras—colored energy fields that surround people, animals, plants, crystals, and even places—this handy, accessible book is a wonderful starting point.
Cassandra Eason explains a variety of techniques for sensing, seeing, and interpreting the aura—your own, those of both individuals and groups, and those of your pets—and how you can cleanse, heal, strengthen, and protect the aura.
With this introductory guide, you can learn how to identify and interpret auras, discover what their different colors mean, and heal and cleanse your own and others' auras. In addition, renowned author Cassandra Eason provides a range of spiritually enhancing hands-on exercises to try.
Find your aura with this entry in the popular LITTLE BIT OF series!
Hardcover book with printed laminated cover; 5 x 7 inches; 128 pages.

By  Cassandra Eason