Monthly Astrology Spell Candle Kit
Monthly Astrology Spell Candle Kit
Monthly Astrology Spell Candle Kit
Monthly Astrology Spell Candle Kit
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Monthly Astrology Spell Candle Kit

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Cancer is SOLD OUT -- Preorders for Leo season are now open! This box will ship out around July 6th

Our Astrology Season Spell Candles may look different than before, but they have the same, if not more, soul. 

Purchase just your season of choice, or sign up for our subscription so you never miss the beginning of each new season!

Around when each astrological month begins, you will receive your spell box containing the following:

1 Baby Beeswax Candle

     Think Birthday candle size. This size will burn fully in 15-20 minutes, making it the perfect amount of time for meditation or journaling.

Specially Created Ritual Oil in Glass Vial

      Each season will have a different ritual oil made to go alongside it.

Herbs for the Season

      A perfect amount of herbs for you to roll your freshly oiled candle in to begin your ritual.

Instructions, a Spell, and Journal Prompts for the Astrological Season

*What is important to note is that we will no longer include the card of what the astrological season at hand represents. I did create something for you that I think is even better! Click here to add our Small Dose Astrology 'Zine to your order and get the information for every season in a cute little booklet. Digital download is available here.