Bloom Oracle Deck
Bloom Oracle Deck
Bloom Oracle Deck
Bloom Oracle Deck
Bloom Oracle Deck
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Bloom Oracle Deck

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A set of 33 Oracle cards + guidebook.
Designed and written by Annie Tarasova.

If flowers could speak... what would they tell you? What would they whisper in your ear as they sway in the summer breeze? What secrets would the autumn leaves share with you as they dance their way to the ground to rot, just so they could be reborn again? What advice would the sunflowers give you as day after day they turn their sweet faces to the shining sun? What can you learn from a pink lotus with shimmering petals, rising from the sticky mud that it was born in?

I believe that if we just stopped to listen to the precious laughter of the bellflowers or the melody of a running creek, we will discover answers to the questions we didn't know we had.

Created with love by a self-published, independent artist.


Shuffle the cards and pull a random card without looking. Treat the message on the card as something The Universe is telling you to focus on.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, angry, or sad, look through the cards for advice. I promise, you will find your special card that resonates with your situation.

Look through the card deck in the morning. Select a few that are relevant to you, or that you would like to focus your attention and energy on this day/week/month. Place them in visible places around the house.

Use the cards as journaling or meditation prompts.

Carry a card or two that speaks to you in your bag or wallet, or use as a bookmark.

Use the cards during Full Moon or New Moon to amplify the messages and energies of the cards. The cards are also best used in nature, since they are nature-themed.

Gift a card to someone who really needs to hear the message.

Use these cards to spark deep conversations in circles, with friends or loved ones.

Similar to tarot cards, you are welcome to use card spreads to receive answers.