Camp Chakra Kids Oracle Cards
Camp Chakra Kids Oracle Cards
Camp Chakra Kids Oracle Cards
Camp Chakra Kids Oracle Cards
Inner Rainbow Project

Camp Chakra Kids Oracle Cards

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The Chakra Kids Oracle Cards Cards are the perfect tool for all the mini-mystics in your life!

Use these cards for:

★ Introducing the chakras and social-emotional tools to kids
★ Daily practice for holistic homeschoolers, unschoolers, and all families who want to incorporate mindfulness and chakras
★ Chakra balancing for kids and beginners
★ A tool to enhance kid's yoga, reiki, coaching, and therapy sessions
★ Inner child healing and shadow work
★ Intuition development

- 40 cards
- UV matte finish
- thick cardstock with a velvety touch
- 3.5 x 5 inch cards
- 76-page guidebook with glossy, UV-protected cover
- Custom organic muslin pouch to hold your cards

Each one of the color categories shares certain themes, affirmations, tools, and ideas to help you learn to feel balanced and happy.

Red – Grounding • Security • Belonging

Orange – Creativity • Flow • Friendship

Yellow – Inner Strength • Resilience • Goals

Green – Self-Love • Kindness • Gratitude

Blue – Self-Expression • Communication • Listening

Indigo – Mindfulness • Emotions • Intuition

Purple – Imagination • Dreams • Possibility

Rainbow – Authenticity • Unity • Collaboration