Clear Quartz Tower
Clear Quartz Tower
Clear Quartz Tower
Clear Quartz Tower
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Clear Quartz Tower

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Clear Quartz is known for keeping your vibe high and the negativity surrounding you away. It's the most versatile stone and a top recommendation if you are just beginning to dabble in the world of crystals.

Use Clear Quartz for the following:

-Purification and cleansing of your space or other crystals

-Amplifies the properties of other crystals 



-Balancing Mind/Body/Spirit

To see and choose your tower, see the third picture and choose from the drop-down menu.

Tower Sizes:

A- 2.40 inches

B- 1.85 inches

C- 1.70 inches

D- 2.5 inches

E- 3.30 inches

F- 2.5 inches

G- 2.5 inches

H-3 inches

I-2 inches

J- 2.25 inches