Crystal-Infused Dream Mist - The Mystics Club
Crystal-Infused Dream Mist - The Mystics Club
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Crystal-Infused Dream Mist

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Adding a ritual to your bedtime routine can be beneficial for many reasons. One of our favorites is using this spray on our pillows before bed. 

 Drift off to dreamland with the soothing Dream Mist. This body and linen spray will have you counting sheep and enjoying sleep in no time.

Spray this mist on your pillow, bedding, or body to gently conjure up calmness before bedtime. Melt away the stress from the day and slip into tranquility with this peacefully alluring blend.


Lavender + Ylang Ylang + Chamomile + Immediately cleanse vibes + Relax after a long day or stressful situation + Promote restful sleep