Dream On: A Kid's Guide to Interpreting Dreams
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Dream On: A Kid's Guide to Interpreting Dreams

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This hardback book will help introduce your mini mystic to identifying themes and interpreting their dreams. 

This book will guide your young reader as they learn to decipher the deeper meanings behind some of their craziest dreams. With a primary focus on friendship, family, and school—and how dreams often reflect uncertainty in these areas of life—Dream On touches on the areas most important to middle-grade readers.

The book includes a list of some of the most common symbols and imagery in dream interpretation. From falling or forgetting to turn in an assignment to being lost in the woods, readers will be able to examine their subconscious in a new, exciting way. The book also includes overviews and sidebars that explore the fascinating science behind REM-sleep and how our brains work during the various cycles of sleep that lead to dreaming. 


Grade 4-9