Five-Card Tarot Reading and Personal Astrology Report
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Five-Card Tarot Reading and Personal Astrology Report

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Now offering one of the highlights from our Alchemical Manifestation programs.

This dual guidance will help you see yourself more deeply from the side of tarot along with your astrological birth chart. 

Within one week of your purchase, here is what you will receive to your email:

  • A written five-card tarot reading. All readings are done by our head mystic, Mandy, and are channeled through writing. 
  • A little personal astrology based on what you are seeking more guidance on. You will need to know and share your birth date, time, and place. For this, Mandy will look at specific planets related to your journey. This is not a full astrology reading, but it will definitely have a lot of great information that is very personal to you. 

After your purchase, I will reach out to get the information for your birth chart.

Choose from the drop-down menu which topic you are looking to receive guidance on. If you choose "other," please be aware that keeping this to one specific topic will be most beneficial. 

 Please note: these readings will be delivered within one week of your purchase.