Moonchild Tarot
Moonchild Tarot
Moonchild Tarot
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Moonchild Tarot

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This deck is so gorgeous and while I will always recommend the traditional Rider Waite as your "first" tarot deck, this should probably be your second. 


Each deck includes:

  • A fully comprehensive guide, written by Danielle Noel. This helpful book goes into great detail in explaining how to read and use your deck, whether you are a new or seasoned reader.

  • 81 Cards

  • Shimmering card backs

  • A soft, satin-matte finish


From the creator:

The Moonchild Tarot is a soulful tool of meditation that has been carefully crafted to align with your light. To help you shine, play, or dive deep within the waters of your heart. As the sister deck to The Starchild Tarot, it taps into new earthly doorways, and the ancient paths and lineages that are calling many of us home. 

 While the Starchild Tarot is Superconscious, galactic and otherworldly, the Moonchild Tarot is Subconscious and grounding, acting as a new conduit of deep introspection.

It is my absolute pleasure to share this new deck - as an intuitive key that celebrates the Divine Feminine, Shadow work, and Lunar Magick. This edition has been a true labour of love, as it's been a number of years in the making now! It started off as a tiny seedling of light that eventually bloomed into a full-grown deck, filled to the brim with symbols and tools to help support new forms of medicine and illumination for its readers.

Each card represents a story of its own, with elements and archetypes that are thematically based in ancient lore, mysticism, and the transmutational power of the Moon and triple Goddess. While I was creating the imagery for each card, I also found myself journeying to many distant worlds and sacred sites, with the deeper intention of opening new doorways into those familiar realms and spaces that are often traced throughout our dreams... Perhaps they exist as more than mere facets of our imagination, as seeded memories and distant lifetimes that are waiting for our unearthing. 

This deck is traditional to the original skeleton of the Tarot, with each appointed key as it may have been titled during the 17th century, back when the Tarot was beginning to establish itself as a new tool of introspection and cartomancy. The Moonchild Tarot includes three new additional keys, to help bridge your curiosity and wonder just a little bit further.  I wanted to go back in time with this one, to activate some relics of my own, and glean the wisdom that leans toward the more "mystical" side of The Tarot. And beyond my curious love for lore, ancient Egyptian archetypes, and magic, I have also refined the meanings of these cards to reflect the deeper, intuitive lessons that are so heartfelt in this sacred tool. 

In between coffee breaks and walks in the woods with my partner and dogs, I spent many hours and moonlit nights sifting through history books, references, and arcane litanies that somehow weave a common thread throughout the narrative of the Tarot and the visuals that I channeled into this deck. It was an adventure, to say the least,  and I am so beyond excited to finally share it with you.

 -Danielle Noel