Tarot + Oracle Deck Subscription Box
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Tarot + Oracle Deck Subscription Box

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This is a PRE-ORDER for the summer decks. Decks will ship out on or around July 1.

Choose the pricing tier you want with this new subscription box that lets you get right to the point - the deck only.

From the drop-down menu, choose which type of subscription you will receive. Save 6% when you subscribe.

The Tier One box will feature a small creator or indie deck each quarter.  These decks will be researched and found by yours truly and will be able to showcase the creative genius of those unsupported by a huge publishing house. 

The Tier Two box will feature more mainstream decks that are easier on the wallet. These decks will still be diligently researched and found by yours truly. Just as much care will go into choosing a new deck each quarter. 

Here is the schedule of what you will receive each quarter, no matter the tier:

1st Quarter (January)- Tarot

2nd Quarter (April)- Oracle

3rd Quarter (July)- Tarot

4th Quarter (October)- Oracle 

These boxes will contain full-sized decks only. No runes or other forms of divination will be used in the place of a deck. 

Please note that this will be completely different than our other tarot subscription box. That is full of 5-7 goodies that match the deck and theme of the quarter. The decks will never be the same between boxes, don't worry!

The price is per box. If you choose to subscribe, you will automatically be charged the above amount each quarter before the box is shipped.

If you want your deck to be considered, please email hello@themysticsclub.com with "Deck Consideration" in the subject line.


Subscriptions can be canceled any time before your next box ships. Read our FAQs for instructions on how to cancel.

*These boxes are final sale.