Small Dose Astrology Digital 'Zine
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Small Dose Astrology Digital 'Zine

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This is a digital download. The printed version will be available soon.

An little introduction to each zodiac sign and the energy you can look for within each astrological season... A small dose or bite-sized amount of info. Perfect to keep near your altar for when you are working through the astrology wheel, and also when doing candle magick within each sign's season. 

These used to come individually printed in each of our astrology spell candle boxes, but we have now combined them into a cute little 'zine! 

I created this little guide to introduce you to each sign and help you notice how the energy is showing up for you within each astrological season. My hope is that it also helps you approach how to work with each sign’s energy.

Each page breaks down the zodiac sign and also lets you know how you can best work with it. Each season also includes an affirmation. 

Remember, as above, so below...What is going on in the sky will be felt down here on Earth.