The Lovers - Untangle and Manifest Program
The Lovers - Untangle and Manifest Program
The Lovers - Untangle and Manifest Program
The Lovers - Untangle and Manifest Program
The Lovers - Untangle and Manifest Program
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The Lovers - Untangle and Manifest Program

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If you are working on calling in a partner, this program is for you.

If you are in a relationship but want guidance on going even deeper in connection, this is for you. Sometimes, even in a long-term relationship, we can still experience blocks, creating a wall between our partner and our heart. 

This deep assessment will help you identify why you have yet to be able to meet or hold on to the right person. It will have you asking the right questions and beginning the path to reshift your beliefs that could be holding you back. It touches on subconscious programming and gets you extremely detailed about what you are calling in.


NEW! Tiered pricing is now available!

Please see the photo of what you will receive with each tier.

The Ace of Cups-  In this offering, you will receive only the digital download of the self-assessment program. Grab your favorite journal and dive into this digital workbook. This has five sections that help you to dig deep and break free. You will also receive the meditation and affirmation downloads. Newly Added! A little snippet of Venus placements in each sign. 
Once you place your order, you should receive the downloads immediately. Look through the program and note when it tells you to listen to the meditation.

The Nine of Cups- In this tier, you receive the physical version of the above, along with one spell candle, a three-card tarot reading, and the personal venus astrology report. After your purchase, I will check in regarding your tarot reading and astrology. You should receive your meditation and affirmation downloads immediately. Please note that this tier will not receive a journal or folder with your physical packet. 

The Ten of Cups- Everything the program offers, plus two spell candles, a five-card tarot reading, plus working one-on-one with me!  Upon signing up for the Ten of Cups, I will reach out to schedule our call. From there, you will receive the rest of the program.

What this full program offers-

(Only the Ten of Cups tier will receive all that is listed)

60 Min Intro Call

When you first sign up for this program, we will have an initial call so I can get to know you and talk about what it is you are looking to call in. We will go over what everything is, how to use it, and whatever backstory you feel comfortable sharing.

Tarot Card Reading

Depending on which tier you purchase, you will receive either a three-card or five-card tarot card reading based on your manifestation to see what you are ready to release in order to call in your dream reality. This is channeled through writing; you will receive this in email and physical form. 

The Power Packet

You will receive an adorable package in the mail with a journal, the entire program printed on cardstock, your printed card reading, your astrology rundown, and spell candles...all tucked in a beautiful protective folder.

A Little Astrology

If you know your birth time, I will be able to help you based on your astrology birth chart! For each program, I will be looking at specific planets. *This is not a full astrology reading.

Spell Candle

You may have seen in the Power Packet you receive a spell candle. These candles are made by me from local beeswax. Based on what you are untangling, I will create one or two specifically for you when you sign up. Tier two will receive one candle and tier 3 will receive 2 candles. I use herbs and oils to infuse the candles even more with your personal intention. 

Meditation and Affirmation

Access to a meditation to help you go deeper within to see the knots and blocks holding you back, along with an affirmation audio that will resonate with the Major Arcana you are manifesting. The affirmation download will help you overcome limiting beliefs. Use the affirmation over two weeks to truly rewrite past narratives you are holding onto.

The Follow Ups

Questions while you are going through the program? No problem, I'm here! You can reach out up to three times to help you put your program into action.  

Digital Version

Don't worry, you won't just receive everything in hardcopy only. You will also get a digital download of the program so you can look through it whenever and wherever you are.