Full Moon in Leo- January 28 2021

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The full moon is often described as the exhale to the new moon's inhale. It's a time of release, of letting go. Think of the moonlight shining into the dark corners of what it's time for us to acknowledge and leave behind. And yes, we tend to keep those corners dark for a reason- we don't want to deal with what they hold. But without shadow work, there can be no growth. 

This full moon will take place in Leo, occuring at 2:16 pm EST. Leo is a sign of courage and heart. It asks us to shine the light everywhere, including on ourselves. Being vulnerable is essential to truly living. And being courageous is essential to truly being vulnerable. When we hide our true selves, too worried what others may say or think, we are living through our Ego. It isn't until we step into the light, feeling exposed and 'seen,' that we begin to live and share our real Self. 

Fear is a crazy and blinding thing. It can prevent us our whole lives from living the way our soul has intended. Use this Leo moon to help work through some of your own fear. Please keep in mind, growth is not a fast track. Even acknowledging your fears at first is 'doing work.'

If you are looking for a full moon ritual or two, please keep reading for suggestions.



I am a huge fan of journaling so I will always offer this one up, first and foremost! Here are some prompts you can use this full moon.

1. What are you favorite qualities about yourself (Leo wants us to shine!)

2. What are you holding back due to fear? Where do you think those fears come from?

3. What would releasing ego and living your true self look like?


Release Ritual

Please use extreme caution with this one! It took me time to feel comfortable with fire, it is not the element that comes naturally to me! 

Get a piece of paper and write down 1-2 things you want to release right now.  These could be things holding you back, regrets, guilt, etc. 

Use a vessel where this paper can be safely burned. I use a pot, metal bowl, or small cauldron. I recommend going outside to do this. Feel free to say a prayer or affirmation such as "I release all that does not align with my highest and greatest good." or use your own particular release. Light the paper and set it in the vessel to burn. Once burned (and cooled), I always bury the ashes outside, but you are more than welcome to do what works for you- even if that looks like throwing it away. 


Charge Your Crystals

Every full moon I put my crystals outside to bask in the glow and release any negative energies. Note: This still works if it's raining, the moon is still there! I recommend using a natural material to lay your crystals on, such as wood. To see more ways to cleanse your crystals and set intentions with them, head here, to our FAQ page.

These are some my babies 


Make Moon Water

Moon water is water that's been charged under the full moon and taken in all of it's good vibes. Again, try and use a natural container, like glass, and fill with water. You can add water safe crystals, such as rose quartz or amethyst if you'd like! I always label mine with the phase of the moon and the date. 

What does one do with moon water??

-Water your plants

-Add it to a ritual bath

-Use it to clean your altar or ritual tools

-Drink it!

-Use it in your essential oil diffuser

Happy Full Moon, Friends! 

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