An Energy Clearing Spell

clearing energy spell

Energy is funny. It can envelope us in warmth, abundance, pain, and all with nothing more than a simple knowing of its existence. Yes, it exists. And it dances around us all the time. Sometimes, it's the hint of a passed loved one's perfume or a memory that hits us and moves on just as quickly. 

There is also energy in what surrounds us- objects and items we use and collect. You can find more on releasing stuck energy and casting a charm on your jewelry here. I like to go hunting for pretty vintage and antique objects for my altar and home. Whenever I find something to add to my collection, I first do this. I find that it is important with these older pieces to clear the air before I fully welcome it into my space and my own energy. All of that to say, as you hear in the video, I believe there is good energy, negative energy, and also energy that is's just not our energy. In your home and space, you need to be in control of what you allow in and what you allow out. Energetic boundaries, if you will. 

So, next time you bring home a (new to you) old treasure, or if you have a particular item in your home that just feels heavy, try this. Find a spell below the video. The incense I use is a huge personal favorite! Find it here

A spell for you- To banish or clear, move your smoke-cleansing item counter-clockwise. As you do, repeat the words,

"With good intent and pure heart, I clear this energy to begin a fresh start."


There is no specific amount of times to follow for this- I would personally suggest going around and saying it three times. But, as you build your own craft, you will find what feels right for you.

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