Rituals of the New Moon vs the Full Moon

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The moon's different phases throughout the month allow us to align with an ever-changing energy that once we learn the ebbs and flows, can help us connect more deeply with ourselves. Learn how to harness the energy and magick for your highest good with both new moons and full moons.

What is actually happening in the sky?

At risk of stating the obvious, the moon gets its light from the sun shining upon it. As the moon goes around the earth, different parts are either in shadow or illuminated. It follows a routine orbit around the earth and thus, we have moon phases within the month. 

During a new moon, the moon is between earth and the sun, causing the entire moon to be cast in shadow, giving us a dark sky. While during the full moon, the moon is on the opposite side of earth from the sun, fully illuminating it. 

What does that mean for us down here?

It would be crazy to think that the moon can change the tides of the ocean but that it wouldn't impact us, whose bodies are made up of 60% water. You might see your mood swing a bit, your sleep patterns change or become disrupted, menstrual cycle align or shift, etc. Some changes may be nearly imperceptible, and others may be glaringly obvious. Keep an open mind and understand that there is energy around us that we don't always see but we could be feeling regardless. It could help to keep a journal of what you notice throughout the month so you can find deeper understanding in how it all affects you personally. 

The moon goes through more phases than just new and full. It waxes and wanes all month, as you can see in the photo above. And while there is magick in the air at every stage of the lunar phases, using the energetics of the new and full moon can help us release or propel ourselves forward in our personal journeys. 

What can we do for the New Moon?
A new moon is a time to call in, set intentions, and think about what we want to do next. Spending the time on the new moon, or within 1-2 days on either side, to work with the energy, can help us visualize and set the wheels in motion. 

Here are some suggestions on what to do for a new moon. 

1. Write down 1-3 specific things you are calling in. Be as clear and detailed as possible. Sit with what you have written and visualize each thing coming into your life...feel how feels. Once you feel settled with the above, and if you are comfortable working with fire, I usually recommend folding the sheet and burning it in a fire safe bowl. This ensures that you are giving it up to the Universe and what will be will be. For things I am calling in, I bury the ashes out front of my home. 

2. Clean your space. Refreshing and reseting the vibes so that you are showing the Universe and your higher self that you are ready to bring in new energy and new opportunities. 

3. Create a vision board or mood board. You can do this on poster board or on a page in your journal. Print, cut out of catalogs/magazines, or even draw what you are wanting to bring into existence for yourself. The more visualization in manifestation the better!

4. Meditate. Sit in a comfortable position, in a quiet space, and ask yourself what you want. Just see what flows in and out through your mind. It's okay if you have thoughts about other things, just try and move them along quickly. Try and spend this time focused on how you want to grow and what you want in and from life. 


What can we do for the Full Moon?



 A full moon is a time for release and letting go of what no longer serves us. Think of this illuminated phase shining a light on what it is time to move on from. We may find we are a bit more emotional around this time, and deep sleep can be  harder to find. Here are some suggestions on what to do for a full moon. Again, these can be done 1-2 days leading up or following as well. 

1. Find a comforting affirmation to say either when you are taking time for yourself or even through the day if you are feeling overwhelmed. Something along the lines of, "I am strong, worthy, and I know that everything is working in my highest good."

2. If you are aware of what you need to release, write it down on a piece of paper. If you are comfortable working with fire, I usually recommend folding the sheet and burning it in a fire safe bowl. This is saying that you are ready to release and what will be will be. For things I am releasing, I bury the ashes out back of my home OR take them to away from my home entirely to dispose of. When I am ready to move the energy out, I want it out.

3. Journal. How are you feeling under the moon phase? Are you triggered by anything, feeling any type of way, etc. 

4. Cleanse your space. Release the old energy with a smoke cleansing ritual and clean around the house. Energy tends to stick around and it can feel so refreshing to simply tidy up sometimes. 


In the end, it is your practice to play with

As you get in the habit of doing this more and more, you will begin to know what works or what you prefer. The moon phases are also heightened in different ways by which astrological sign the sun and moon are in. It creates nuance and particulars that give us even more direction on how to work with each one. 

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