Aries New Moon - April 11th, 2021

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The Aries New Moon graces us with its magnetic presence on Sunday, April 11th at 10:30PM EDT.

The New Moon is when the sky appears to have no moon at all. It is when everything seems a little more quiet and you can almost hear your intuition it's so strong.

It's a time of pure magic.

We all have seeds we want to plant- A purpose in this moment that we want to master. This is your time to begin. When the darkness falls and you sink in deep with your knowing to a place within that shows you what is needed or what is missing. Listen to the whispers as you sit quietly with yourself. Give a voice to what blockages you may be feeling.

Let them rise only for you to acknowledge them.

And then use this energy of the ram to plant your seeds of manifestation anyway. Aries teaches us to take opportunity when we see it, regardless of risk. Lean into the motivation that is being offered, fan your flame. What we desire does not always come easily but in order to have a chance in finding success we first must leap. Feel the fire of Aries under your feet and be truthful about what you want to achieve and what could be holding you back.

Try and notice if you are experiencing feelings of frustration around this New Moon. Do you have less patience with yourself or others? Often this can pop up when we aren't feeling truly aligned in our purpose or life. We must try to recognize this so that we can take the steps necessary to correct.

The energy floating around us this weekend is intense and full of possibilities. Try and use the intensity towards fulfilling those possibilities and not towards the frustration or fear surrounding them.



Journal Prompts For The Aries New Moon

What are you ready to manifest for your life? What blockages must be removed to make it happen?


What have you been wanting but have put aside due to fear?


A Card Pull For The Collective


For this New Moon, I pulled The Sun card. Amazing, I know.

It is a reminder that even after the darkest of nights, the sun will still rise and we can begin anew. It is purity and positivity. It is the understanding that the more we lead a heart centered life, open and honest, the more the light of the Universe will shine down upon us. Magic can happen when we trust and allow for transformation. The Sun is our life energy.

How are you directing your energy lately? Is it noble, is it healing, does it lead to growth, is it sustainable?

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