Full Moon in Scorpio

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Occuring on Monday, April 26th at 11:31 PM EDT

Below you will find an explanation of this full moon, journal questions, and a tarot spread

My 12 year old twins are Scorpios. 

My daughter recently asked me why Scorpios are thought of as “bad.” I was shocked that she felt that way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a whole vibe being a Scorpio, but one that I absolutely appreciate. I mean hello, it’s my rising sign. 

 Scorpio is deep, mysterious, and sexual -  I think it scares the shit of out of some people, to be honest. They are intense and have this epic power to understand transmutation and transformation. They are boldly in charge of their sexuality.

They are known as the secret keepers but I beg you to perceive this in the way that they are master healers, shamans, & witches. Through time, they have had to become secretive, as to not be viewed as a threat. In this day and age, they still can be thought as secretive. Their intuition is strong and resourcefulness unending. They understand death and regeneration and the great importance of both. When the archetype of Scorpio is in balance, they are magical. 

This Full Moon occurring tomorrow is in Scorpio. The sun sits in earthy and grounded Taurus and is shining it’s light of "there is beauty in everything" on the dark underworld moon of Scorpio. It’s going to feel intense. But with this intensity comes with it the ability to intensely release something you are holding onto. Let it drop. Let it drown. Let it burn. Just let it go. Tap into the magic of Scorpio to help you understand how we usually cannot transform without losing something. There is growth in loss and that is an extremely hard lesson to learn. This moon may shine its spotlight on emotions that make us feel uncomfortable and that's okay. Growth usually isn't comfortable. Allow yourself to feel deeply right now. There is a story that made us who we are and brought us to where we stand in this moment. A lot of times that story is peppered with darkness that we have not yet processed. Yet we truly cannot move on until we have. 

Shadow work can be intense. If you do not feel that this is healthy for you to do alone, please do not. Reach out to a therapist or someone else you can talk to that you trust.

If you are the moon phase journaling type, try asking yourself one or more of the questions below to dig deeper within. If you are feeling extra Scorpio and witchy, write down what you want to release on a piece of paper. Next, fold the paper and put it underneath an unlit candle. Light the candle as you meditate or journal. When you are finished your full moon ritual, light the paper on fire to truly release it to the universe

*This should only be done with extreme caution. Place paper in a fire safe bowl once lit (or a fireplace/fire pit) and/or do this outside to cut down on too much smoke indoors. Please be safe when using fire magic! 


Journal Questions

Scorpio helps us work with our shadow side and our triggers. When do you notice yourself feeling triggered or emotionally reactive to someone/something? 

What does that feel like for you?

How could that relate to something within you or from something that happened to you? A lot of times these are childhood shadows that we have not yet processed.

Are you allowing yourself to truly feel your emotions or have you been pushing them down to not deal with them?

When seemingly darker emotions comes up do you distract yourself instead of listening and letting them out?

Are there any positive emotions you don't allow yourself to feel due to feeling triggered?


Tarot Spread For the Full Moon

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