Astrology Series- Your Moon Sign

astro astrology moon sign

When someone asks your moon sign, they are asking what sign the was moon in the moment you were born. It is just one piece to the puzzle that is your natal or birth chart. And quite honestly, it's an important one.

Your moon sign is a great way to understand your inner workings. If you think of the sun shining outward, picture the moon lighting up the darker, internal parts of us. The moon sign can help point us to what makes us feel emotionally secure or even a deeper purpose for being here. It can be used to explain how we respond to life's circumstances, especially emotionally. The moon is an important archetypal energy for us if we can translate its position in our chart to our lives here on earth. 

One of the greatest studies I have dipped my toe into is that of Shamanic Astrology. In this practice, it is believed that the moon sign represents your soul's lineage. That it can link us to our deepest desires, drives, and our mastery from past lives. In turn, this can help us find our drive or purpose in this lifetime. It can help tell you what skills you were born with or where your shadows or addictions lie and how to help heal. 

I love using our moon sign in this life to connect us to our past lives. Are the stars in fact laying down breadcrumbs to make it easier for us through the ages?

Here is a list of what the moon could represent in each sign. If you don't yet know yours, a simple online search of "what is my moon sign?" will bring you to the calculators needed. There are plenty out there to help!


Warrior and Protector. Energy in motion. Needs physical movement to process life and emotions. Can act without thinking it through first. Perhaps reckless at times.


Grounded and connected to the more sensual aspects of life and body. Attuned to animals and nature. Can be stubborn and struggle with change.


Someone who brings tricks and charm. A social creature who is logical and intelligent. Too much intensity can feel uncomfortable. May avoid emotional depth.


A gifted nurturer and highly emotionally connected. Strong empathy that leads to intuiting what others need. Can be overly emotional or sensitive and have a tendency to shut down. 


A born leader with creative and spiritual gifts. Has a love of being seen. May too often look for approval, reassurance, and affection. Perhaps can bring too much drama to the scene. 


Will find flaws and seek to correct them. Rarely acts impulsively. Can be too stuck in their organized routine to find the lessons in life's messiness


Great relational intelligence. Can find life's balances, when in tune. Can help restore a community bond. May find it a struggle to make a decision on their own. Gets caught up in both sides.


Strong sexuality along with sense of self. Drawn to masteries of life- magic, transformation, alchemy. The secret keepers. May be too intense and possessive at times. 


The old soul who has knowledge to share. A teacher or guru of life or life's particulars. A tendency towards restlessness and detachment.


The community elders reborn. The responsible one. Great leaders. Must not let the feelings of responsibility weigh too deeply upon them. Can be too serious.


Ahead of their time with visions, thoughts, and inventions. They are great light workers. They also can be seen as aloof and detached- never letting anyone get too close.


Compassionate and leading us towards universal love. Very caring and sensitive. May get lost in the problems and feelings of others and begin to take it on as their own. 

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