September 27th- Weekly Tarot Reading

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Each week I will pull from a tarot and oracle deck we carry. Those decks, in particular, will be featured at 10% off for one week to our email subscribers.

 Card 1

9 of Swords

Also known as the 9 of voices in the Muse deck, this card usually brings with it a heavy feeling. It's the anxiety we feel when we lay our head down at night, and the nightmares that follow in our sleep. If you can envision the entrapment of the 9 of swords, then the 9 represents how even when we move through a situation, we still may carry the trauma from it. It's a revisiting from something or someone that you may have believed to be over. And truthfully, with Mercury going retrograde today (until October 18th) the past may come back to haunt. But the depth of the haunting is our choice. To truly move on, we must face our ghosts. Did you close some in the closet and just hope they would go away? This card is saying they are here until we acknowledge and address them. I love the Muse deck because it adds poetry or prompts for each card. This one goes as follows:

Hello, muse

Hello, stardust

Drenched in magic

Your ripened eyes

Without ruse

And in full trust

Of your truth

Shall you rise


Card 2

The Void

This card asks us to find faith and trust in the process, the Universe, and ourselves. Surrender to the unknown and understand that there is a purpose in all of life's occurrences. This card can show up in the endings of our lives. What chapter is coming to an end that you need to release and surrender to? We can't save everything and more importantly, not everything is meant to be saved.

The theme for this week is to trust that without darkness there is no light. The sun will always shine again, even if in our darker moments we struggle to see that. When we are in the energy of the 9 of swords we are fearful and anxious. The void card is dark yes, but it's asking that we step into the darkness, release the fear from the 9 of swords, and trust the Universe to guide us and keep us safe. Much easier said than done. Just try and remember that the energy the 9 of swords brings us is sometimes nothing more than exaggerated feelings within our own mind. The threat may be real but are we looking at the whole picture realistically?

Everything will be okay. Good luck out there in Mercury Retrograde and remember, what (or who) haunts us usually represents something within ourselves that we have yet to release.

Decks used are:

The Muse Tarot Deck


The Starseed Oracle


In case you missed my post on Instagram/Facebook, I can no longer do tarot readings through our site due to Shopify’s restrictions. If you are interested in a 3, 5, or 11 card reading, please check out this page on our site or email me directly at for more information. 

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