Cord Cutting Ritual Using Candle Magick

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Doing a cord cutting ritual is a great way to cut ties with something or someone. Sometimes, even when we feel ready to release, the energy is still lurking around us. 

This ritual allows you to physically cut the cord on a an energy that you need to shed.

Please always use caution and do not leave your flames unattended. 

The items you will need:

-Two black candles. Black is the color of banishing, releasing, and also protection in candle magick. I prefer small chime candles simply because they don't take as long to burn.

-A string long enough to tie the two candles together with a bit of distance. You don't want the flames to cross. These candles represent two energies you are looking to distance, not join. 

-a fire safe dish or bowl. This can be cast iron or a basic metal but you must make sure you working in and with a safe vessel. 

Before you begin:

Cleanse your space, your items, and your fire safe vessel. You can use any sort of smoke bundle or incense, or you can simply hold your hands over everything asking that the negativity be removed. Intention in your practice is the most important part of it all, not just what tools you use. 


Next, burn the bottom of the first candle so that a little wax drips down on your vessel. Before it dries, stick the candle on top, like glue. Tie the string to the first candle. Repeat with the next candle, around 2 inches away, and tie the other side of the string to the second candle. 

 Assign each candle a role so that when you watch how they burn, you can try to receive any messages you may be getting.

For example, Candle A is you and Candle B is your Ex. 

Now, light the candles and watch. For the chime candle size, this usually should take around 1.5 hours. 

Watch the video below for a visual!

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