Creating an Altar

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Creating an Altar

To me, having an altar means keeping a sacred space in your home for things that are meaningful to you.

Why create or keep a sacred space?

This quiet place is somewhere I can go to meditate, journal, or create my spell candles. Your altar should speak from your heart and be a personal reflection of you. I love having an altar because I believe that in our chaotic lives, it is nice to keep a sacred and quiet space just for us.

Taking the time to set up an altar or ritual space that's just for you to find reconnection, to journal, to pull your cards, etc., can be the first step in prioritizing your personal growth and connecting to your higher self. Maybe those whispers from your soul will start to sound a bit louder if you can escape the hustle and bustle for a bit.

And meditation isn't for everyone...even though it is though, you know what I mean? So having this sacred space where you can do whatever it is that calls you back to center can be so magical. Making that time and space is a beautiful way to show the Universe you are ready- for love, growth, connection...whatever your "next" may be.

Here are some ideas of what to add to your altar

Crystals you have cleansed/charged

Photo(s) or heirlooms of any ancestors you hold near and dear and want to honor


Any tokens , curiosities, or things that bring happiness or peace of mind to you

Any tarot or oracle decks you are using

Representation of the 4 elements- Fire (candle), Earth (stones), Air (feathers), Water (diffuser or a small bowl of water)

Cleansing items such as incense, palo santo, sage, etc.


Offerings to or representations of goddesses you wanted to honor/work with

Seasonal pieces such as pumpkins, leaves, red berries, etc.-live or fake

Representation of any numbers that are meaningful to you

Reminders of a time, feeling, or place that you enjoy to remember.

Written by
Mandy Shelly

Mandy is the owner and operated of The Mystics Club. She is also the head Mystic in charge of doing the tarot readings we offer.

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