Happy New Year - The Year of The Chariot

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Happy Early New Year, and welcome to the year of The Chariot.
Did you know that each year has a corresponding tarot card? You find it by adding up each number in the year, such as 2+0+2+3, giving us 7. The 7th card in the tarot is The Chariot.
So, what does that mean? 
If the Lovers card (the one before the Chariot) represents finding clarity in what we stand for and making choices that align with our personal beliefs, then the Chariot is rolling that into action. Willpower and raw determination are leading the way on this journey. It's the energy of diving head-first into something without having all the information. And yet, we dive anyway because we feel so ready to take the reins that we are willing to figure it all out along the way. 
This card wants to teach us that we will be tested and have moments that will leave us aching for clearer answers, but we must stay focused and aligned with our beliefs.  It's hard to power through, staying both in flow and in control. But you found the inner power to begin the journey and are more than competent enough to keep it moving. Just understand that this will take dedication, discipline, and determination. But most of all, it takes confidence in the fact that you have those three things. 
This year, stay focused on your path. Have confidence in your convictions and the boldness to say what you want. If you learned more about who you are in 2022 then 2023 is the year to transform into that person and weave those pieces into every corner and fabric of your life. Through the distractions and detours, remember that you were and are ready. You've got this, just keep the faith that you've got this. 
This card is also associated with the sign of Cancer

Deck used is Moonchild Tarot and can be found here

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