The Mystics Club Guide To Aquarius Season

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Time to enter the portal to the future and shimmy (as weirdly as possible) into Aquarius season. 

Allow Aquarius season to be your reminder that no man is an island. We are all members of a greater collective, here for the greater good of one another. Together, by listening to each other, understanding one another, and tapping into our own genius, we can help solve more problems. It is not a competition to Aquarius, it is gathering of all kinds to take care of all kinds.

This zodiac sign is represented by the Water Bearer, which many believe symbolizes their pure intentions and truth for our society. Aquarians can teach us to fully be ourselves. They often times dance to the beat of their own drum and it doesn't bother them one bit. Comparison is, after all, the thief of joy. These aliens of the zodiac may come off a bit different or aloof, but make no mistake, they are here to help propel us into the future with more technology, cooler gadgets, and a heightened sense of connection. Our advice? Lean into the belief that each one of our differences, our uniqueness, is the missing piece to the collective's puzzle.


The New Moon in Aquarius 

The new moon in Aquarius will be happening on Saturday, January 21st, 2023,  3:52 PM EST, at 1 degrees of Aquarius. New moons are a great time to plan new seeds in your life, and review your plans and goals. What are you calling in? What are you looking to begin or achieve.

The energy of a new moon asks us to go inward and listen to our higher selves and what's calling to us. Allow the rebel Aquarian vibe to disrupt old ways of thinking or actions. How can you be more authentically you and how can that help change the world? If you had no ceiling, no fear of failure, what would you take the leap of faith to begin? 

Connect with the Aquarian element of air by lighting incense or a smoke bundle and cleansing your space. Be intentional, think radical. 


A suggested journal prompt for this season is:

Do I let my true authentic nature shine through confidently?


How and why do I dim that around others?

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