Reading Tarot Cards

Reading Tarot Cards

With TMC's Head Mystic, Mandy

Reading tarot, whether for yourself or others, can feel overwhelming when you first begin. It’s as if you are learning a new language. The traditional tarot deck has 78 cards, 22 of those are major arcana (the first twenty-two cards in the deck), and the remaining 56 are the minor arcana. 

Tarot is essentially a story that follows the Fool’s journey. I talk a lot about this in another post here on the difference between tarot and oracle cards, so check it out if you haven’t already. For this post I want to talk about three ways to create a personal tarot reading practice.


Reading reversals. Don’t want to read reversals? Don’t. That is a personal choice and it’s yours to make. Do not feel pressured one way or another. There are 78 cards that can offer an answer to your question, you don’t have to add 78 more by bringing in reversals. 

On the flip side, some argue why wouldn’t you? If there is a particular energy in one card, why wouldn’t you allow for the guidance of the opposite, or reversal, of that energy to be available?


"Divination is the quest to understand more about the past, present, and future. In other words, Tarot readings are an attempt to understand ourselves better and discover how we might live better in the future.”

- Theresa Francis-Cheung-

How will you do readings for others? In person, zoom, written..? Remember that how you do so is your choice. It is what aligns best with your intuition and understanding when reading the cards. I don’t remember what made me try doing tarot readings through writing, but once I did, it clicked. In my heart, I am a writer. Trying this method helped me understand that there is something otherworldly that happens when I connect with the client, the cards, and my writing. For me, the messages are that are channeled feel so specific and clear for each individual. Someone else could absolutely feel this way by sitting with a client. Everyone will have a different way and that is okay. Trust what feels aligned for you.

Maybe your energy gets too overwhelmed face to face and doing a reading over the phone will work best for you. Or maybe you abdolutely need to be sitting in person with someone to tune in to the situation the are asking about. There is no wrong way. There is only your way.


Protect your energy. Before anything else, I smoke cleanse the space and my deck(s). I ask for all negative or previous energy to be removed.

Whether you are reading for yourself or for others, taking time before you begin to tune in and create an energetic boundary for yourself is so important. I will very openly share what I do and say in hopes it gives you an idea of where to start in your own practice. I begin by speaking to my guides, my angels, and my ancestors. I ask only those with my highest and best in mind to step forward to guide me in this moment. I ask that although my energy is open to receive messages, it is also divinely protected. If I am reading for myself, I ask to read and receive the cards in a non-bias manner.

 If I am reading for someone else, I reach out to their guides, angels, and ancestors- only those with the client’s highest and best in mind. I give thanks and ask that both my energy and that of the client are open but divinely protected during this time. I specify that I am open to receive messages on behalf of this client, and ask their guides to help me word things in a way that will resonate best for this particular person. I also make sure to note that our energies are connected for this reading and this time only. When the reading is finished, our energies will separate, and I stress again that we are both divinely protected. 

When the reading is finished I thank the client's and my guides, etc., and disconnect our energy. The words I repeat are, “ The reading is finished, may the connection between myself and ____ be closed. I am divinely protected and my energy is mine alone.”

Don't get caught up in trying to mimic or follow what everyone else is doing on social media. Find your own way and add your own flavor. In the end, that is what will resonate most with your future clients. At the end of the day, many readers do things differently from one another and that is okay. If you are reading this, I am guessing you either want to connect more deeply with yourself and your own practice, and/or you want to be able to help others. As long as your intentions are good, create your own practice or business that feels best for you.

About Mandy

Mandy is the owner of The Mystics Club and is also the face behind the readings.

Learn more about how to book a tarot reading with Mandy here. Whether it is a 3 card or a full 11 card reading, you will get clear, typed guidance (with a little teaching of the cards) within 72 hours of your purchase.  

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